House Heating

Heating based on the fireplace with a water jacket and a large (1000 liter) heat-collecting tank became a standard in our houses. If once a day a fire is started in a fireplace, without suppressing fire as in the air fireplaces, accumulated warm water is sufficient to heat the house and for utility purposes for the whole day. The system also has an automatic mode for control of temperature in the house when the hosts leave on vacation.

The core of this system is the central heat tank. It opened the way for the use of different, small energy sources. In Kędzierówka, all the houses have a cooperating system of solar collectors. We conduct research on engaging the wind in the direct production of heat, which will also be stored in the tank.

Several years ago, we worked on houses, where the boiler room and the central heating furnace would be replaced by a fireplace. Today, the role of this meritorious system decreases, as we aim at houses, whose main source of heat will be the sun. Fireplaces are likely to remain, but more as a support and as a symbolic hearth.